A glance at USTM’s specialized U.G. courses – New launches and more

Apart from the regular U.G. courses, USTM also offers some of the ‘lesser known’ courses that lead up to equally rewarding career prospects.


Find the Course that suits you the Best.

After the examinations, just when you bid goodbye to your long-term companion ‘Exam Stress’ a new one joins you; ‘Admission Stress’. Though studying is the cure for the first one, there is no fixed cure for the second. It is attached to many questions like which colleges to apply to, what courses to opt for,... Continue Reading →

Connecting the Youth: Spreading the Vision – NEGC 2018

An institute of excellence, USTM has continuously made significant contributions to the world of academics by nurturing many young minds, facilitating research activities, international seminars, workshops and exchange programs. Another unique hallmark of this prestigious institution is the North East Graduate Congress – A highly acclaimed annual event held under the aegis of USTM in... Continue Reading →

University Life and Student Engagement

Have you ever found yourself pondering over questions like: “is there something more that I can do during my student years?”, “how can I be more actively involved during my University years” or perhaps “what can I do for my department or my University?”* Chances are most likely you have. Chances are also that you... Continue Reading →

Student Anxiety: Break the Cycle

Nowadays anxiety is commonly seen among students. Students’ anxiety is usually common among students who are new to college life. Many people think anxiety to be just another term for stress, which is commonly found among today’s generation. But, there a thin line, between stress and anxiety. While stress is a prolonged state of being... Continue Reading →

Student Depression

College days can be a hectic period. It being a transitioning phase where everything is a new experience can be a quite overwhelming. It is natural therefore for college students to feel under pressured, a little bogged down, sometimes even a lot bogged down perhaps and confused, sad, excited and so on. Basically college can... Continue Reading →

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