Student Friendly Apps that You’d Love to Have!

It’s a digital age we live in where life without smartphones is almost impossible to imagine. Besides accentuating our day to day life with the numerous wonderful features that phones nowadays come equipped with, the world of apps has changed the way we are experiencing life. Think of ‘anything’ and in all likelihood there will be an app related to it!

Needless to say, student communities across the globe have also tapped into the immense potentialities that apps have ushered in. Informative, fun and downright helpful, there are many apps that have been designed specifically for students. You might know some of them or probably you’re using them already! In case you aren’t, here are a few student friendly apps that you would definitely love. All you need to do is simply download them!

  1. Wolfram Alpha: Plug in directly to a mini library of information with this one. Covering an astonishing number of categories, it’s like a magic bag providing instant answers & expert knowledge to almost all your queries. Facts, statistics, high level calculations or discovering something totally new … this is an app that is definitely worth trying.
  2. Audio Note: Until a few years ago, attending lectures meant frantic scribbling of notes so as not to miss out on any important information. But with an app like ‘audio note’ students nowadays can easily make an audio recording of important lectures. Plus with added features like note making and time mapping, you can also take notes and edit them. There is also an option for sharing the notes with your friends.
  3. Quora: Find your way to some engaging and meaningful discussions on any topic. With many people sharing their opinion about a topic, this Q & A platform is where you can find high quality and knowledgeable information, making your search a multifaceted experience.
  4. General Knowledge – World GK: As the name goes, this app is about finding the latest current affair news in an MCQ (multiple choice questions) format. The categories and topics are diverse and there is also a quiz to help you assess your progress. A great help if you’re preparing for a competitive exam.
  5. Internshala: Looking for a meaningful internship? This app helps you find just the right one under the category that suits you the best. With offers by more than 40,000 companies from all over India, along with instant alerts on new internship job offers, this is one must-have app that you would totally love.
  6. Scribd: For all you booklovers, here’s an app that will give you unlimited access to new books. E-books, audiobooks, documents, magazines, news – name it and you will find it all here. And the best part is that you can save your reading list and access them later even when you don’t have an internet connection.
  7. Frapp: Probably one of the best student friendly app that you can find, this one has much to offer – from finding a great internship to bagging great student offers & discounts for clothing and apparel stores, restaurants, cafes, gyms and so on. All you need to have is a valid student id and you can avail of the many cool offers that this app has in store.

There are many other student friendly apps that you can easily find as per your interest and requirement. While a lot many of them are pretty similar to one another, nonetheless each has its own set of unique features.

So while its totally up to you which ones you choose to download and subscribe to, you can definitely give these ones a try.


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