University Life and Student Engagement

Have you ever found yourself pondering over questions like: “is there something more that I can do during my student years?”, “how can I be more actively involved during my University years” or perhaps “what can I do for my department or my University?”*

Chances are most likely you have. Chances are also that you may have very likely rendered them the status of being nothing more than “just another thought”…

This is a true story for most people. For any student, life takes a new turn once they become a part of a University and its campus life. Student life during University years can be a highly enriching experience, besides being hectic of course! Filled with unique learning opportunities, Universities become a ground for students to foster their dreams, shape careers and find their way through the myriad aspects of life.


22539761_1922263701360775_9120480429116161143_nA place brimming with possibilities, your University is where you get exposed to new landscapes – both in terms of education as well as your individuality. So when you choose to play a more active role, you broaden your chances of having a more successful and also a more memorable life. Not only this, you also end up contributing to the long term development of your University and ushering in new possibilities of growth.

Is It Really Possible for Students To Do Something for the Institution?

Yes! As students, you’re one of the main assets of your institution. And every sincere initiative will eventually become a substantial contribution towards your institution.

What Contributions Can I Make?

The best contribution a student can make to their institution is their enduring commitment towards their studies. Your performance during your University years is the most fundamental contribution you can make to your course as well as to the University.

In addition, here are a few more aspects that you can take into consideration:

  1. Apply for Scholarships: Applying for scholarships helps you to stay updated about the academic world and find relevant ways to further your academic goals. In being associated with a wider academic circle, students can get exposure to various discussions from which they can bring forth new ideas for their respective departments.
  2. Intern with a Reputed Organization: Internship is increasingly being regarded as a necessity in most disciplines as it offers students the chance to take their career plan on a test drive. In being recruited by reputed organizations there is the advantage of bringing appreciation for your University through your performance and recognition as a skilled student.
  3. Initiate Seminars: Forwarding research ideas, initiating seminars and arranging for talks by scholars is a major contribution that you can make for your institution. Deepen your appreciation for your subject and undertake detailed exploration and analysis in fields that you may find interesting. You can propose ideas for seminars on special topics that may not be a part of your regular curriculum, or you may arrange for experts to come and give a talk on a topic that may be of interest to the entire department.
  4. Publishing in Journals: Getting your articles published in journals is a fabulous way to get yourself and your University associated with other premium institutes and Universities. You can pursue topics beyond those discussed in your classrooms and initiate a new approach towards a topic.
  5. Start a New Initiative in your Department: Be it environment rebuilding, recycling projects, tech workshop, visits by media teams, community development projects or some other initiative, by staring a new initiative also you can do something significant for your department and University.



Learning is a co-active journey. Usually most students arrive at a University brimming with hope and fresh ideas; but a lack of active involvement often results in these remaining just that – speculations and ponderings. Every University has its own goals and visions and when you become a part of it, you bring your own addition to it. Your involvement with those around you, whether inside your classroom or outside it, plays a key role in determining your experiences as a University student. So it is essential that you allow yourself to engage more actively with the world around you.




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