Student Anxiety: Break the Cycle

Nowadays anxiety is commonly seen among students. Students’ anxiety is usually common among students who are new to college life. Many people think anxiety to be just another term for stress, which is commonly found among today’s generation. But, there a thin line, between stress and anxiety. While stress is a prolonged state of being tense, people having anxiety experiences a sense of fear.

What causes anxiety?

Environmental factors, stress from personal relationships, traumatic past events, changes in the surrounding atmosphere, increase in the amount of study load, difficulty in coping and adjusting with new people etc are some of the many reasons a student goes through anxiety. Leaving the comfort zone of their childhood school, home and friends and adjusting to the new world of college life often takes toll on a student.

Initially anxiety is mostly triggered by the stress of day to day activity. It starts as an anxious feeling and response to outside circumstances. But, gradually as it gets prolonged the student finds it difficult to overcome it. And, this stress turned anxiety takes a more evil turn and the student undergoes depression.

It is a little difficult to identify anxiety in a student. As the symptoms of anxiety varies from person to person. A student suffering from anxiety might experience any one or more of the following symptoms:

  • Unexpected and repeated panic attacks.
  • Feeling constantly worried regarding the day to day activities and anxious most of the time.
  • Unrealistic fear and phobias.
  • Having flashbacks and nightmares of past traumatic events.
  • Trouble in concentration.
  • Experiencing a constant feeling of restlessness and danger in the back of the mind.
  • A student might also experience some physical symptoms like shortness of breath, dizziness, upset stomach, frequent urination, fatigue, insomnia, hot flashes or chills etc.

Everyone goes through a little anxiety when they experience more stress due to various life events from time to time. But, it is a reason of great concern if the student regularly or frequently experiences the above mentioned symptoms for a prolonged period of time say, six months. Than it is high time that that the student gets outside help. We would suggest that even when experiencing such symptoms for a short time on a regular basis, the student should share his/her discomfort and difficulty with the person they are comfortable with, be it a friend, sibling, family or teachers. We here at USTM are always ready to help our students overcome any difficulty or discomfort be it studies or life problems. We believe a healthy mind makes a healthy life.


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